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I am a British PhD student in Rhetoric and Public Culture at Northwestern University in Illinois. I study the rhetorical messages of things for children. My current research covers the rhetorics of postwar America as they manifested in toys and other kids’ objects. My primary focus is on bubblegum cards and the ways in which they propagated messages about war, communism, the military and American identity. I also study the ways in which kids were invited to respond to rhetorics about nuclear power and the atomic age, and have recently presented a paper on nuclear toys of the period.

I hold an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, where I studied the rhetorics of child abuse as they have proliferated through the British tabloid media since the mid-19th century.

I studied French and Linguistics at Birkbeck, University of London, where I studied transgression in 19th century French literature, and the dynamics and perceived offensiveness of swearing/profane language.

I also studied PPH (Politics, Philosophy and History) at Birkbeck, where my dissertation analyzed romantic fiction for women in WWI.

This site will be a sporadically updated blog of things I’ve found interesting, important, or amusing in research or the world.  Please follow me here or on twitter!

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